Afterfall and its Hosting Concept

Heyo people!

I’ve had some thoughts on our Hosting Concept and I came up with this!
This could be changed in the future.

We’ll start with the obvious ones.
1. Singleplayer:
Obviously has the normal Story and Quests, Game progress and other Stuff will be saved locally. Maybe there will be a Cloud storage support in the future.

2. Multiplayer (Official Servers hosted by us):
Story and Quests will also be present here, Game progress and Items will be saved on our Servers and will stay there. You’ll need to create and Design an Avatar/Character yourself, they will also be stored on our servers. More information about Multiplayer, in general, will be posted when we start our first Alpha.

Now let’s start with the fun part of this Post,
self-hosted Servers!
3. Multiplayer (Privat Servers):
Yea you’ll be able to host your own Servers and add Mods created by you or the Community!
These Servers will have their own Storage and Progress with the game will be saved to the corresponding Server and NOT on our Servers. Now there are a few more options that we’ll provide to these Servers!
First one: You’ll be able to download your Character Information to the Server via our API! But you won’t be able to save your Progress to our Servers again. You can also create a new Character just for this very special Server.
Second one: We’ll provide an actual “Cheatmenu” for these Private servers, so you can spawn Stuff, give yourself Money and more!
Only Admins of this Server can use these Menus.

It’s important to now that these Privat servers will not be able to save data to an official Server. If you left the Server and join any other Server, the Progress will be another(except for our Official ones, because they’ll have the same Information about your character.)

I hope this gives a good look into our Concept.
If you have any Question you can ask them on our Discord (