Welcome to FrostFight!


This is the first Posts that is visible on our Site. First things first, I wanted to say that we have a Discord,
we’re currently posting Renders and other game-related Stuff there (https://discord.gg/frostfight).
Which brings me to the second Chapter in this post.

Afterfall: Our first game

We’ve been planning this game for a good 1 or 2 months now, and we’re still not finished with planning.
The Development of Afterfall is currently… I would say very basic. Most Stuff we’ve done for now is Concepts, Ideas, 3D Models and a Website Alpha.
We’re a very small team so we can’t make much progress.
You can trust me when I’m saying we have many good ideas that we want to be in the final game. But that’s a discussion for the Future.
We only have 2 People who are making 3D Modelling and Engine stuff, me who’s making the Website and 2 2D Artists.
But we’re still very convinced that we can make a great post-apocalyptic game.
Now let’s start with the next Chapter!

Afterfall: Planned Basic features (Basic Ideas)

As you might know, this game starts in Japan and we’re probably will be releasing parts of the Map in each update, we don’t know when the updates will be released.
We’ll be implementing first-person and third-person. More updates can be seen on our Discord.

Personal Notes

First thing, if you don’t know me:
I’m Alex, also called Variiuz, I’m the Head Developer and CEO of FrostFightstudios.
I just wanted to say that the Stuff we’re making is kinda hard to realize with 5-6 people, but nevertheless, I’m very sure we can make it.
It’s going to be a long journey, but I hope y’all will be with us.

Thanks for reading!