Devtalk March 2019

Well here we go!

Now… where do I start…

I really want to write some good news and/or some actual Content from Afterfall… but we’re currently in a little struggle,
because we aren’t that big of a Team.. we have achieved something, but really not enough to say that we have any playable or showable Content.
That’s one of the reasons why it is so hard to get Partnerships/Sponsors right now: We don’t have anything in our hands.

I’m not saying we’re quitting or something, I just want to inform everyone about our current State and want to be open about it.
This Gamestudio and Afterfall is our Hobby and not our Job, I don’t force any Teammember to do anything, so it’s my fault that we didn’t got far in Development.
I’m not paying them and I currently don’t want to do that.. we don’t have the money nor resources to do that.

As previously said, the game itself really didn’t advance that much, we do have some Concepts and currently doing the Mainmenu + Intro.
I’m almost finished with our Website (just little fixes here and there hehe), Justin is currently creating the Mainmenu in UE4 (and many other Concepts he made).
I started to play around with AI Navigation and Behaviour in Unreal Engine. Besides that I started working on our API and the Discord Bot.
Our 2D Section is doing some Artwork and a new Logo.
The 3D Section is currently creating some Melee weapons and basic Models.
We’re not doing nothing, it’s just a little slow.

There’s really not much more to tell, and I’m sorry about that, I also wish that we could have been advanced more but that’s how it is right now.
After that almost sad update I want to thank everyone who’s on our Discord or reading this thread, it’s pretty important that we get some people to notice us, so please share the Discord Invite link or just talk about us, I’m thankful for every support we can get! Under this Text we have some options how to help us.

And now: Support options! Yay
We do have a Patreon
and if you just want to help us out
Check out our Twitter
Our Discord
or just talk about Afterfall and/or FrostFightStudios!

Thanks to all of you.