Recap April 2019

Heya again!

Another month is over and that means RECAP TIME!
This month has been a little rough towards the Programming of the Game,
but we’ve still made good progress.

Game Progress

So first I want to share that we’re now on UE4.22 due to really cool bug in 4.21 that has always overwritten our Game’s Icon and Description so we switched because 4.21 didn’t have the Bugfix at all!
And after we’ve ported: all our Textures+Materials got replaced by the default ones! Isn’t that great?! (No)
So Justin replaced like 10k+ Textures/Materials one-by-one. That kinda stopped development for a few days.
But after that, we worked on some good stuff. We’ve almost fixed everything on the Login screen and started a new Main screen. (Just the Background, Design will be mostly the same as before)
If you want to see some spicy screens: Discord is just the place for you!
We agreed that the old Main screen (Also great, don’t get me wrong) was not good enough for the Menu.
We started with the Tutorial and the Character creation (delete, create, switch, list).
We just need Animations and we could finish it this month.
Justin also created one of the first Characters, you can see her on Twitter, Youtube or just on the Discord.
Speaking of Discord! Let’s jump into the next Section.

Discord Store & Updates

As you’ve might noticed, we’ve some new Channels on the Discord!
We now have a Developer License for the Discord Store, so we can sell it through Discord and you can play it there with some neat features. We will talk about them when it’s time for that.
I also changed, deleted and/or created Channels so it’s much cleaner than before. (maybe)

Website, RESTful-API and Miscellaneous Stuff

And with this, I welcome you the beloved Website Section :p
I’ve made some big changes to the Back-end, rewrote the whole Systems to be more Object-oriented. Our API got some new stuff too, like Character Endpoints and an API useable for everyone with an Account and an API Token, more on that in the Future! If you don’t get what I talked about, you probably don’t need that Stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I hope to finish the Website in this month, but I have some private Stuff in my way.

Final notes

And that’s it for April! I hope to get some progress for May so we can roll out a Test-Build in November or even sooner!