Recap August 2019


August has been a rather good month for Afterfall! Let’s look into it.

Game Progress

We’ve made some good progress this month, Justin and I had finally time to fix, clean-up and finish some Stuff. These changes include the new Login, Splashscreen, and the Logic Main menu. All having a new look and a general recode of the whole System behind them, making them much more stable and faster. I will post Screenshots on our Discord.

Help us out

(As I promised.)
So we’re still searching for 2D and 3D Artists. If you know anybody or want to be part of the Afterfall DevTeam, just write to us on Discord or a Mail [email protected].
Even just sharing an Invite link or talking about Afterfall would be a great help!

Discord Stuff

As some might have noticed, we’ve renamed the FrostFightStudios Discord to Afterfall. The simple reason behind this change: If someone is playing Afterfall, they will likely search for Afterfall on Discord. I also just wanted to have a Discord dedicated to the Game. As for our Studio, I’ve made a new Discord, you can find the link in the Rules or here. (Currently nothing special in there.)

Website & API

We still have this category? Well I’ve updated Stuff, as always, made new sites you will, maybe, see next month. I also added a small bit of our Friendsystem to the Website including a Profile system, currently still WIP but almost finished. Also this month, I’ve created a v2 API, because the v1 was just too old to work with the newer Systems.

ThE eNd

I know, it’s a small recap, mostly because I don’t have the motivation or time to write a Big Recap. It may seem like a small update but the progress we’ve made this month is huge compared to other months. And with that, I hope you will stay with us and I wish you all a great day!