Recap July 2019

Good <Insert local timezone here>!

July is over and that means I have a new and great Recap for the month. Oh and we talk about Afterfall getting F2P.

Game Progress

And as always, we’ve worked on Afterfall (What a surprise right!).
As we always do, we change Stuff instead of creating new Content!
I don’t want to say we didn’t have anything new, but for now, that’s a big secret! So Justin is currently remaking our UI, which means new Login, Menus and everything you as a Player can see.
We’ve also cleaned up the Project. Our biggest problem (but also not a problem) is when we learn new things, which may sound great at first, but as we “evolve” and create better Code we also have our older (not so cool) Code just laying around. You get the Problem right? Yea you’re smart you’ll understand.
So we’re currently creating better versions of what we already have.
So no (maybe) new Content. Instead, you’ll get (hopefully August) some Screenshots in our Discord from the UI and all other Reworked Stuff.

Help us out

(Yes I will post this in every Recap now, try to stop me)
So we’re still searching for 2D and 3D Artists. If you know anybody or want to be part of the Afterfall DevTeam, just write to us on Discord or a Mail [email protected].
Even just sharing an Invite link or talking about Afterfall would be a great help!

Afterfall goes F2P

This one is a big change for Afterfall.
Before you think about any of this, read it all. And please give your opinion in our Discord, we would love to hear what you think about this!
One of our/my questions that always bothers me, how do we sell the Game and how do we make money as a small Team?
Many don’t know about it but Afterfall was planned as a f2p game. We changed it to 10€ at first and then, not even a month ago, we changed it to 5€.
In my opinion, we could sell it for 30€ if not 50€ (change my mind), as we don’t plan on making a Minecraft -2.0 graphics Game. We want to bring out free updates, making the Map bigger, bringing Content into MP but also SP.
Many people are getting on the “We HATE microtransactions and Lootboxes”. And I get it if we’re talking about 20€-60€ Games offering microtransactions and/or Lootboxes. But small Developers of f2p Games also have to earn their money somehow, we’re one of them.
We love what we’re doing, but Videogames aren’t growing on trees and it all costs money.
We want a fair f2p Game which can offer the same enjoyment to players who are helping us out with buying something in a Shop and players who are just playing the game without paying for anything. Because of that, we’ll be offering cosmetics and other NON Gameplay related Items in a Shop which is going to have a daily money limit and daily switching Items, so you can’t go all-in (No we don’t know what the limit will be). Also, we’re going to bring in Lootboxes, but not the ones you can buy, we’re giving them out on Events, Level-ups, etc (You could say, Special Events in your Gameplay). Some of the Shop items can be claimed through Gameplay as well, so you don’t need to spend money if you like something!
Those things should help people not spending all their money on Afterfall. We might change some of these Ideas but will inform you if we change them.
As I already said, please give us feedback on this one!
Pretty long Text huh? We’ll we’re almost done.


Uh well, you know the drill.
I’ve fixed many Bugs this month and also finished the “I forgot my password” feature. Website is live and should work fine if you find Bugs just let me know!

Final notes

Ugh, are we finished now?
Yes, we are! With that, this Recap is done, as always, support us by sharing the link to our Discord and follow us on Twitter @FrostFightEN and @AfterfallGame.
I hope I can get some feedback for the whole f2p Stuff!
And if you want to know, I broke one of my Monitors: