Recap June 2019


June is now finally over, and because of this, I need to write this Recap while we’re at over 36° here in Germany. Yay!

Game Progress

First off, It’s so hot in my room :(. But let’s get started. We updated our Discord RPC to the ‘newer and better’ Discord GameSDK, we now have access to the Discord StorageManager, the Achievement system, and much more. We’re currently working on one of the Testing Characters, like getting the Animations and Weapons to work again. We also fixed some small bugs, but hey that’s normal. Well, that’s pretty much it for this month, sadly it was really hot so we couldn’t do that much.

Help us out

So we’re still searching for 2D and 3D Artists. If you know anybody or want to be part of the Afterfall DevTeam, just write to us on Discord or a Mail [email protected].
Even just sharing an Invite link or talking about Afterfall would be a great help!

Discord Server Boosting

As you might already found out, Discord announced a new Nitro (not the Nitro Classic w/o Grandfather) feature: Server Boosting! You can now support us with a Boost at no extra costs! As a reward, you’ll get access to Donator Channels and Donator Builds of Afterfall before it will go live.

Miscellaneous Stuff

As already mentioned a few times now, it’s pretty hot here in Germany. So we couldn’t work much without getting a headache or something else. I apologize for the lack of progress. Many in our Team are in their final exams and need to finish those first. Also, as some might notice already, we now have and Those are our Domains and will be updated with content in the future. Currently, these are only placeholders for now. BTW if you want a mail on (like [email protected]), just PM me on Discord maybe you’ll get one ;).

Final notes

And with that all out, it’s finally over! I hope you’ve read everything. If not well yeah… ok, your loss ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hope you had a great June and I hope we’ll have a good July.