Recap May 2019

Here we go again!

Another month, another recap! Some might think this is useless! But no! We’re keeping everyone up-to-date with our progress, so you know what we’re doing!

Game Progress

Justin was working on the Ingame HUD, Groups, Chats and the Cover system. I’m working on the Backend for Characters (yes. again.) and the Networking for Servers, like joining a Server, list online Servers, register Servers.. that Stuff. We’ve also made progress in joining a Server.

Help us out

So we’re still searching for 2D and 3D Artists. If you know anybody or want to be part of the Afterfall DevTeam, just write to us on Discord or a Mail [email protected].
Even just sharing an Invite link or talking about Afterfall would be a great help!

Discord Update

You can now verify your Discord when you registered an Account on our Website here! Just visit this site. This will link your ID and Username from Discord to your Account. This feature is still under Testing but should work fine.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Well, I’ve made some new routes in our API and made the Discord Bot a living example of what you could do in the future, but that’s a secret. (Maybe some already saw some Stuff on Discord) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So Website yes? No? Well actually, I finally “finished” the Site (, that means you can register now, I will update it with Bugfixes if I have the time. Also if you found one, write to us on Discord or per Mail!

Final notes

Well and another Recap finished! Sorry for the small updates, I think we will have some more progress in June we just need to figure out some Stuff.