Recap November 2019

Well, hello there! The month is over, so it’s recap time. So let’s get started!

Unreal Test level by Alex

Game progress

So, before you think anything: Yes I said, we might publish a preview, well, as you can see, we didn’t finish it. Thus I’m going to change the release for that preview to February. I hope we can get it done, as always: We’re doing this as a hobby and can’t really promise anything.

As for progress, Justin made progress regarding the Video settings and Menu. Mostly the usual stuff. I’ve been designing levels like the one you can see above or under this chapter. I basically just tried and find a good way of light the Maps, as you might notice, I didn’t succeed the way I wanted it to be 🙁

I hope due to the cooperation from Unreal and Quixel, we can get some more stuff done in December.

The random tunnel I made, light is falling really bad on that banner lmao.


Write me a DM on Discord or visit our Career page:


So, I’m basically working on the Sites when I have the time and motivation, so it takes some time to get new stuff, like friends and profiles, live. I’m working on around 5 Websites at the same time, including the Homepage, which will be public, I hope lol, in a few weeks. As for the Studios Homepage, I’ve added Profiles, you can set a Biography and search for people here: you will need an Account, the Friend Stuff is not working right now, because I need to get some stuff on the API right first.


Again, I apologize for the small November recap, it was a hard and unplanned Month.

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