Afterfall Gameplay and mechanics

Justin here!
We thought as we’re not making a Recap this month, I will talk a bit about Afterfall, its gameplay, and other mechanics.

Now let’s get started.


First of all, we start with the basics. The game is played in a third-person perspective and is a cover-based third-person shooter and you will be able to have a squad with up to four players (can be friends or other players joined by backup) who can help to complete missions. You already know that the game plays in Japan after a deadly virus spreads. now let’s go to the gameplay part. The first step in the game is to create a new Soldier by customizing the appearance and gender of the character. After that, you get a quick tutorial to get in touch with the mechanics of Afterfall (no worries it won’t take that long!).


Afterfall includes different firearms like SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, and explosives like grenades to defeat enemies.
But now the fun part: These weapons are all classified in different rarity and tiers. The higher the tier, the more valuable and difficult is it to get the item from an enemy loot. The Weapon stats include five points: Damage, Magazine Size, Accuracy, Stability, and Reload Time. But that doesn’t stop there. You can also customize your Weapons with Skins, different iron sights, barrels, and pendants.

Equipment and currencies

We also give you a variety of equipment like backpacks and other armor.
As you complete a mission you gain loot and experience. With enough experience, you level up and gain Frosts. Yeah, you heard right. Our currency is called “Frosts”, but what can you do with these?
You can buy new weapons, equipment, and some stuff which gets revealed in the future.

Backup and Camps

Now I’m gonna talk about the backup which I mentioned earlier in this post.
When you need help with a mission because it is too hard you can request backup, which allows other players who want to help to join your session and help you.

As you might by now, Afterfall is an open world which just waits for you to explore it. You can recruit small camps of people by completing missions. By recruiting them you can also request backup from these camps and in return, you receive gear and experience.
But now comes the part which I like really much:
You can upgrade these camps and trough that they get bigger and change.
After some upgrades, you can buy weapons or other gears and upgrade stuff that gets revealed in the future.
Also, fast travel gets enabled when you upgrade it. Through that, you discover many Side Missions which you can find on the Map.

Death Zone

A death zone? What is that you ask?
Death Zones are PvP and special PvE areas in Afterfall and a number of them exist in the world.
But what is the difference?
In the Death Zones, PvE combat is tougher and PvP is activated, the point of fighting in these areas is valuable and rare loot for the player. Upon entering the Death Zone your gear and weapon level are getting normalized to grant every player the same chances of surviving. When you kill an enemy and collect his loot, the warning level of the other enemies increases which means they are searching for you!

But what is the point you may ask?
The point is to get out of the Death Zone alive to get the loot you gathered. If you die, only the loot you collected in the death zone will drop.
But if you don’t what that to happen to you, bring a friend with you.
Death Zone experience can be used to level up items (to be revealed) and unlock new perks.

Clan fights

Yup, you heard right!
Afterfall will also feature a clan system where clans can compete against each other. There are 3 special areas on the map where clans can fight for loot, experience, and Frosts.
No worries, these areas are really made for Clan fights.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this information and your interest in the Gameplay of Afterfall!
I hope you have a good day and I think I post some more information in the future so lookout.

Good day, Justin