Recap February 2020

Heya everyone and welcome to the monthly recap!
As promised, we have published a small preview of Afterfall, but we will talk about that more in its own section.

Game Progress

We’ve been working on getting the whole Updater, Login screen and Menu to work for that preview, Leon currently works on the Interaction system and of course, the Movement system. We hope that we can include some of it in the next preview. We’re also trying to get Vivox to work with Afterfall, so we could maybe try Voicechats in the next preview too. I won’t promise it tho.
In general, we are working hard to get good progress.


You might have noticed that we have published a preview for February.
As you also noticed, it’s not really much except some (nice looking if I can say so myself) Menus and screens. You will probably get stuck on the Splashscreen saying we have maintenance, the reason for that is that the menus behind that point are pretty much broken. So I thought, why not making a monthly preview showing off what we did the last month? Well, we have some important points you will need to know:
– We cannot promise a preview as the Project might not be able to even build due to development.
– We will not publish a build when there is nothing new to see for you, like the stuff we are currently test or stuff that is not finished.


That’s all for now folks! I hope that the way we will publish previews will help people to see our real progress. And with that, I wish you a nice day and hopefully a good week!