Recap January 2020

Hey everyone and happy new year!
First of all, I’m gonna say sorry for not making a recap for December, it was a messy month and I didn’t really have time for it! So this Recap is going public a few days earlier than normal, I just felt like it and I will include any important news inside the February Recap or a January Update post.
Let’s start, shall we?

Game Progress

We’ve been working on cleaning that Project up for the last time (I hope) and because we had to port everything to a new Project we decided to upgrade to the newest 4.24. Currently, everything is a bit broken here and there, Leon is making Animations, climbing, crouching, running, etc.. the basic Animation basically. As Leon is doing that stuff, I can’t work on my badass API stuff and need to wait for him to finish.

Steam, Betas, Previews and Gameplay

If you didn’t notice, Leon made a post about Gameplay and some features of the game! You can read it here. I also gave out some Steam keys for Afterfall and will give some more out for Testing.
Regarding the preview for February:
We really work on getting those Animations ready and I hope Leon can get it done before January ends, it depends on the Engine not crashing while saving :)! (Thanks Unreal btw 😉 )


I’m working on a more specific Careers page right now, but you can still apply for most of the currently, we mostly need 3D and 2D Artists right now! Maybe you know someone who wants to help creating a Videogame.


Dickey D made a Video about some of the Gameplay aspects (and the Project itself!), thanks again!

Regarding uninteresting stuff like APIs: I’ve made many changes on how the API works, added Clustering, added async database queries and fixed the OpenAPI, which Documentation you can see here.

How small do you want the Recap to be?