Recap May 2020

And Recap April 2020, also Recap March 2020, and with that, I welcome to a new recap! Long time since I wrote one, I have been really lagging behind with posts here, due to other projects, school, COVID-19, and of course: My Laziness. I want to apologize for not being able to update y’all. But now let’s start with the interesting stuff!

Game Progress

Leon has been working really hard on the UI, which includes the Menu, HUD, and other interesting stuff! I’ve sent 1-2 gifs into the showcase, these are taken from the new menu, which looks really good I must say! I have been working on our API and other Back-end related services, those include Vivox(Ingame Voicechat) and some other neat stuff.
We also spoke to some companies about hosting, those include Multiplay, me and Leon had a really nice talk with the guys there and we learned some more about networking, how unreal handles it and what is a good option for hosting. We also switched to Unreal 4.25 to make it easier to port Afterfall to Unreal Engine 5, yes you’ve read it right, Afterfall will be powered by the new Unreal Engine 5 and it’s cutting-edge technologies!
You can view a preview: here.
I also wanted to remind you that it will take time to get Afterfall in a playable state, we’re lacking 2D and 3D Artists. But Calvin, Eddie, and Henry are working on the Story and Quests, I can say it will be a great story.

Menu Pictures


Now, I promised a late preview at the beginning of the year (04/01/2020), the problem is, we are not 24/7 working on this project so even a Menu takes some time as we add and remove features (it looks cool tho). Point is, I don’t want to have another Menu-only preview. I want a playable version where you can test animations, weapons, mechanics, or possibly a Map. I hope you can understand my intentions and I also really hope we can publish a preview in the next months. I can’t promise anything tho.


As you might saw, I now added two new Partners, both have interesting games themselves, and you should check them out. I also removed the Moderators from the FrostFight Team and added them into their own Sub role, from now on they will only moderate the Discord, we will have GMs and <unnamed role> moderating the game, forums and website itself. I will announce Applications.


Reason I didn’t post or worked on Afterfall itself is that I work on the V4 Website or in general a V4 Web presence, we updated the Afterfall Homepage and I hope we can publish that soon. The V4 has a SSO and OAuth2, it also will include some needed bugfixes in the front- & backend. It will have a fully functional Profilepage with customizable Background Image you can upload. The Profile(and possibly the Settings too) will later be moved to our Forums, which are currently in planning.


I’m again sorry for the lack of Recaps and I hope I can get back next Recap with good news regarding the preview.

Alex. – Director