Intelligence evidence – Weapons in Afterfall

Welcome Agents,

This is the first post in a series of development blogs that we will release from time to time until the launch of Afterfall. In these posts, we will dive into different aspects and features of the game to give you detailed insights and information. (We called them Intelligence evidence, and we think this name fits really well)
In today’s post, we will talk about weapons, their types as well as customization, rarities and explosives.


The goal in Afterfall is to make the weapons feel more realistic and due to that every weapon will feel unique and behave in its own way, even with some bad side effects.

Below, we created a list of all obtainable weapon types in the current state:

  • Rifles, mid to long-range, semi-automatic guns with good accuracy.
  • Assault Rifles, moderate weapons, having fair handling traits.
  • Marksman Rifles, long-range weapons, used for high damage from afar.
  • Submachine Guns, close-range weapons, having high rate of fire and good handling.
  • Shotguns, close-range weapons, having high damage with a short effective range.
  • Light Machine Guns, large capacity and moderate damage with high reload times and low rate of fire.
  • Pistols, mostly used as a last resort or to open doors and utilities (Sidearm).

All the listed weapons have their flaws, but also positive sites, but this is pretty early in development.
Ammunition for the weapons can be refilled either in camps when resting or finding an ammo box.


In Afterfall, we added a customization system, for example a reflex sight helps the player on delivering more critical hit damage but the accuracy decreases. This is just one of many side effects that can happen, depending on the weapon type, as well as what you actually want to customize. Adding a Silencer reduces the damage that the weapon can do.

Below, we created a list of all weapon mods that are currently available:

  • Scopes
  • Grips
  • Barrels
  • Fore-end
  • Color of weapon / Skin
  • Magazine size
  • Pendants

These mods can be found in the world, but can also be bought in a camp, but more on camps in a future post.
After you bought a mod or found it, it will always be unlocked, and it can be used on as many weapons as you want simultaneously. Just keep in mind that not every mod will fit every weapon.


All the weapons in Afterfall are classified in different rarities and tiers. Depending on the rarity and tier, the weapons can be sold for higher prices, are harder to get from enemies or to find them in general. These rarities also add extra stats to the weapons such as damage, accuracy and so on.
There are also weapons which you can only receive in a high rarity when you progress in the story, but it is important to notice that every weapon is obtainable, even when not progressing!

Below is a list, with all the current rarities:

  • Worn
  • Standard
  • Specialized
  • High-End
  • Exotic


In Afterfall you can find and craft all explosives at any time and these are not tied to your level or progress.
Except for a flare gun, which can be found in the world on a marked point to access other parts of the island via fast travel with a helicopter.

Below, we created a list of all available explosives:

  • Flash bang
  • Frag grenade
  • Incendiary grenade (commonly known as Molotov)
  • C4
  • Mines
  • Flare gun

This could make PVP fights stressful, due to that concern we limited the use to only flash bangs, frag grenades and incendiary grenades.

We hope to see you again when it’s time for our next post!

It is important to notice that everything written here is subject to change before the game’s release, and we will inform everyone in case of a major change.